John Villa, President

John Villa is a Supervising Deputy Probation Officer with the Los Angeles County Probation Department of Justice Project Management Bureau. He started his career as a Detention Services Officer at Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall in 1988.

At the beginning of his career, he met Lorenzo Sandoval the current president of the Los Angeles County Chicano’s Employee Association, and with his encouragement joined the Mexican American Correctional Association (MACA). In the early years of both their careers, they would sometimes gather at John’s home with other MACA members to discuss ways to better empower Hispanic employees.

In 2010, John became a proud member of the Los Angeles County Chicanos Employees Association (LACCEA), and a short time later served on the Scholarship Foundation as a Director. A year after serving on the foundation, John was elected to the Board of Directors for LACCEA where he serves today.

John dedicates his service to LACCEA to not only empower members today, but to also pay homage to those who came before him and the struggles they went through to ensure that he and others could achieve the American dream. Some examples of such struggles were told to him by his own family members. John grew up in Pacoima, CA and went to Telfair Elementary as a child. He was shocked to learn that when his mom and her siblings attended the same school in the mid 1940’s, they only Mexican American students enrolled in the entire school. She also told him about having to drive up to Northern California as a child every summer to work the fields for extra money.

When John escorted his mother to the last LACCEA scholarship awards dinner, she was so amazed and proud, so not only is it his honor, but it is his duty to assist LACCEA in any way possible.