Lorenzo Sandoval, Board Member

Lorenzo Sandoval is an Administrative Lead Supervisor overseeing the Department of Justice compliance team at Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall (BJNJH). Mr. Sandoval started his Los Angeles County career in 1988 as a Detention Services Officer for the Probation Department.

Mr. Sandoval was born and raised in Norwalk, California. He attended Excelsior High School during his freshman year until La Mirada School District decided to close down Excelsior. He helped organize protest marches against the school’s closure. While the district went ahead with its plan to close Excelsior, it taught young Lorenzo a valuable life lesson; to fight for what he believed in. He went on to graduate from John Glenn High School and then attended Cerritos College. While at Cerritos College he became a VISTO volunteer for the Probation department and began volunteer work at the Rio Hondo Area Office. He fell in love with the war stories that the older deputies told and immediately applied and became a Detention Services Officer.

He became involved with the Mexican American Correctional Association (MACA). He quickly learned about Probation politics from veteran Chicano activist Ramon Hernandez, DPO Mislang, and Alan Clayton. He began to encourage the Latino employees at Barry J. Nidorf to join LACCEA and quickly became LACCEA’s top recruiter and continues to be for the past fourteen years. He was asked to run for LACCEA’s Board of Directors in 1995 where he won his first seat. In 1996, he was asked by then Local 685 President Richard Shumpsky to run for the Union Board and won a seat as Institutional Vice President. He quickly learned all aspects of Labor law at conferences and training provided by AFSCME, becoming Local 685 most respected Vice President. He represented Probation Officers in over 300 hearings and had the highest success rate of all Vice Presidents. For over ten years he held duel executive positions for both LACCEA and AFSCME.

His priorities as LACCEA’s President were to increase its membership, and promote LACCEA’s reputation in the County as a formidable advocate fighting for its members. He quickly achieved these goals by aggressively recruiting new members with increases from 800 members to over 1200 members in 2008. A 50.0% increase with a forward trend upward. Lorenzo also lobbied for a litigation fund to ensure that LACCEA had the resources to take on any adversary.

Lorenzo has been given commendations for his charity work and Leadership by over 14 State Assembly members, 4 State Senators, the Lieutenant Governor, the United State Congressman, and the Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa.  Lorenzo is most proud of his Leadership Awards from AFSCME Local 685 and the Department of Justice compliance team at BJNJH; and above all, he prides himself for his Emilio Zapata Award received from LACCEA.