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Thank you for your interest in the Los Angeles County Chicano Employees Association (LACCEA), which has been fighting for its members and the Latino community since 1969. LACCEA provides legal representation of the highest quality to our members in areas involving County policy, promotions, discipline, and administrative proceedings. LACCEA offers legal representation to Los Angeles County employees who are covered by a Union or who are not represented, such as managers. In many cases, we provide representation to members who wish to have their cases handled by one of our experienced attorneys rather than a union steward or business agent.

Not only does LACCEA provide our members with quality legal representation, LACCEA is also constantly advocating for policies and issues that benefit our members and the Latino community. For example, LACCEA led the fight against unfair restrictions on the awarding of bilingual compensation and also the fight to insure that Spanish-speaking services are not reduced by the layoffs of certified Spanish-speaking staff.

It is only with the help of committed individuals such as yourself, that we are able to continue offering high quality legal representation and continue our advocacy efforts on behalf of our membership and our community. Join over 2,500 Los Angeles County employees by becoming a member of LACCEA. LACCEA dues are only $20.00 a month, which is very reasonable compared to paying thousands of dollars to hire an attorney.

Thank you for considering our organization. We look forward to having you as a member and joining the LACCEA family. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office staff by calling (626) 365-1591.